iPhone photography


Maybe you need a bit of convincing that a smart phone will be good enough to produce great shots on a photography tour? The photographs in the smartphone gallery were all shot on iPhone 6s, so nothing unusual or top of the range. It’s important to know too, that the images were all taken during just a couple of photography tours and not over the course of weeks or months. Image adjustments were only made using the built in software.

Now, using a phone will not produce images of the size and quality of our Full Frame 35mm or Medium Format cameras, but it’s compact, discreet, and you always have it with you. It’s always accessible (at least within a couple of rings) and even the 6s offers just enough exposure control to get results without being in any way complicated.

Great results are achievable, and you’ll end the walk with a collection of photos and a new understanding of your phone’s potential. You already have the equipment so why not join us?


Click to view the iPhone photo gallery.

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